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How to Calculate Video & Photography Pricing

  • ”How

    When looking for professional video production, with all the latest digital equipment, we’ll make your videos look great and within your budget. Broadcast quality video will look perfect in full HD 1080p, suitable for television and on the big screen. And as we learned in film school, poor sound can ruin a great film (or video). So it’s important to hire professionals who know how to record crystal clear sound. We know how to properly mic a set and how to perform our sound mixing with ProTools HD and output in 5.1. Plus, if you think you need a greenscreen stage, we got that too. So, we cast, write, shoot, direct, edit, add graphics, mix and deliver interesting promos, commercials, PSAs, documentaries, corporate orientation, live events and more! And for your convenience, we can handle everything from concept to completion. We’re continually updating our style and tactics to ensure you stand out from the competition. Just select the broadcast video options right for you and we will contact you to confirm details and answer any questions. (Pricing is based on short video clips under 3 minutes each)

  • ”What’s

    If you don’t need broadcast quality videos, then consider web-optimized video production. Video marketing is said to be the future of online branding and the ROI is far superior in marketing when it includes video. After completing a video, we will upload to your desired video portals ( and/or We will add special keywords and write descriptions with SEO content to attract organic web traffic to your video (and your website). Video marketing is becoming more cost-effective, especially when producing multiple short videos in one production. This allows you to see the big picture for branded your video campaigns, plus it saves you money and time. Then throughout the year, you can promote these videos and attract new customers to your website. Just select the web-optimized video option right for you and we will contact you to confirm details and answer any questions. (Pricing is based on short video clips under 3 minutes each)


  • ”Why

    We are mostly visual creatures, so professional photography is essential in creating a feeling that will entice your customer to act. Visual cues with photos can make a big difference in website visitors converting into customers. You can use and reuse the professional photography for print ads, posters, in videos, and much more. Stock Photography is more affordable, but to have unique photography to capture the essence of your brand, then consider Original Photography. We can shoot anywhere, you office, studio, our studio or on-location. Just select the print-quality photography option right for you and we will contact you to confirm details and answer any questions.

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    If you don’t have a for need print-quality photography, then consider web-optimized photography for your website, social networks and other online locations. Just as in print-quality photography, to save money, select Stock Photography. But if you want exclusive photography that nobody else can use, select Original Photography. So choose the web-optimized photography option right for you and we will contact you to confirm details and answer any questions.

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    If you’re producing a documentary, corporate orientation video or other video(s), you may need packaging such as DVD/Blue Ray jewel case package design. We can also create a menu for your interactive DVD/Blue Ray menu. We can also help with merchandising. Just select one of the options for Package Design and we will contact you to confirm details and answer any questions you may have.

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    For special engagements, film premieres, billboards and posters, we have experienced designers and art directors to create impactful ads and posters to promote your projects. Just select the best option for you and we will contact you to confirm some details and answer any of our questions.

Customer Reviews

Check out some of our recent customer reviews.

  • Marc Holland

    I've worked with Armen since the beginning of 2000 and in that time, he's been responsible for designing 2 of my companies branding campaigns and print advertising, as well as designing and maintaining several websites. He's extremely easy to deal with, and goes beyond the call of duty to make sure his clients are happy. I've been more than pleased with his work, and will continue to utilize him well into the future. Armen is the kind of man you want on your creative team.

    Marc Holland CEO Altitude Media -"Best Practices In CSR"
  • Manny Kim

    A business relationship between anyone goes beyond what one can get from the other. Rather, it is the mutual understanding and trust that both parties are going to do whatever they can to make each other successful. Such relationships are not easy to come around, and even when they do, few have the vision and courage to seize it. This best summarizes my relationship with Armen. He has not only contributed to the aesthetics of my restaurant's web presence, but he deeply believes in my brand and concept. Anyone can create a good looking ad. Armen creates a brand. He has the background and experience to take you the the next level by understanding you as a client and developing your ideas into what you would have not imagined. I thank him for his creative genius and audacity to think beyond what is asked of him.

    Manny Kim Owner & Founder of M Grill Brazilian Steakhouse
  • Linda Bacon

    Armen did a fantastic website design for the HAES Community Resources, which now gets thousands of hits a day and has been an incredible resource. He also did a great job with the website design for my book website and my personal website. He's a great guy, easy to work with, and creative website design professional.

    Linda Bacon Author, Professor, Researcher and Consultant
  • Shikha Vasaiwala

    Armen has been an incredible asset to my organization, the Cancer Schmancer Movement, as an Advisory Board Member who donates his services as both a graphic and web designer to help us reach more women who need to be educated on the early warning signs of cancer. Armen is a tremendously gifted business partner who is full of energy, creativity, and high integrity.

    Shikha Vasaiwala Executive Director at Cancer Schmancer
  • Victor Avakian

    Armen's work contains the visual excitement that is needed to draw visitors into your website. I have been pleased with his professionalism and his willingness to work in exacting level of detail to make us happy. Consistently willing to work hard, go the extra mile and offer both artistic and technical insight, I've found him a pleasure to work with. Additionally, his understanding of the latest trends in web marketing has proven to be extremely helpful in developing our web presence.

    Victor Avakian Specialist Master (Manager) at Deloitte Consulting
  • Jason Johnson

    Wow! Armen is one of the most solid professionals I've ever dealt with. He's responsive, timely (even when his clients aren't), and is a tremendous team player. He delivers solid work and is eager to learn about the businesses he serves. I highly recommend this "Rock Star" of a web developer!

    Jason Johnson VP of Sales & Marketing at Teles
  • Joel Valentincic

    Armen is one of the most creatively energizing people I know. He is a talented, focused and passionate designer and director. He works well in a team and equally well on his own, taking on projects from concept to completion, often with seemingly impossible deadlines. I look forward to working with him again.

    Joel Valentincic Senior Copywriter at J. Walter Thompson
  • Salpi Meyer

    Armen is very dedicated and tenacious. He will not stop until the job is done. He has great work ethic and integrity which is hard to find in business. He is very detail-oriented and provides excellent results to the client. His work is very impressive and memorable.

    Salpi Meyer VP Sales, Plaza Mortgage
  • Charissa Vaughan-Wheeler

    When I first met with Armen to discuss my website design, he came into our meeting with a lot of personalized ideas for the Music Junction, not just for our website but also unique marketing ideas for short term and long term results. I was really impressed. You could tell he had specially dedicated time to brainstorming ideas just for us. We discussed the feel of the website, and I showed him some examples of sites I liked. Armen created a new website for us really fast, and when I saw it, it was exactly what I had envisioned. He was obviously really listening during our meeting and tailored his design to exactly what we had discussed. Now we have a website that we're proud of, and that makes us look more professional to our new clients. We receive inquiries through our website from new clients all the time.

    Charissa Vaughan-Wheeler Musician, Teacher, Business Owner
  • Vicken Sosikian

    I originally utilized Armen's service to produce a television commercial for a retail business. He hit the ground running. He took initiative, covered all the bases and delivered a high quality commercial ahead of time. From storyboards, to props, to the set, to actors to filming and editing; Armen handled every aspect of my project eloquently and professionally. Since then, I have used Armen for his photography services, website design, graphic design and general marketing consultation. Armen is a skilled artist who takes pride in delivering quality.... highly recommended!

    Vicken Sosikian CEO at New Look Skin Center
  • Bill Schohl

    Armen is a unique, high-energy guy who is brimming with great ideas and knows how to turn them into reality. He's open to other people's input, he gets right on projects, and he has a strong business sense, as well. If anyone wants to take their business up to the next level, just turn to Armen and he'll come through big time!

    Bill Schohl business owner
  • John Keating

    Armen is a creative director of photography and editor in addition to his skills as a professional filmmaker. Armen was instrumental in making work on set efficient and enjoyable.

    John Keating The Actor's Network

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