Search Engine Optimization SEO is for companies who want long-lasting first page organic search results

Search Engine Optimization is an on-going process, and if done properly, can have long-lasting positive results ensuring your company’s success for many years to come. But there are no magic tricks. It’s hard work you want done by expert SEO professionals.

SEO On-going Process Infographic by

SEO On-going Process Infographic by

First 2 Months of Search Engine Optimization

Below are some of the tasks that will be completed in the first two months of search engine optimization, after which you must continue your SEO tactics in order to sustain the positive results you will achieve.

Benchmark Current Traffic

  • We will provide a weekly SEO report. It will detail how your site currently doing in rankings of major search engines. We analyze where your current traffic is coming from in order to create a baseline, for which we’ll be able to forecast the positive results that will be gained from the utilizing search engine optimization.
  • Analysis will include all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the rest.
  • Our easy to view reports clearly display which pages of your web pages are currently indexed by major search engines.
  • The analysis will also include a history of traffic, as well as your where current traffic is coming from.

Keyword Review and Creating The List

Which keywords are the most likely to attract your audience? Coming up with “The List” is the most important piece to the SEO puzzle. Once the right keywords are chosen, the path is set for success. But it’s not as easy as you may think. Sometimes the most competitive, and hardest keywords to achieve 1st page rankings for, are not necessarily the most impactful, in regards to converting visitors into paying customers. So your initial website analysis must include a detailed keyword forecast and subsequent strategy that only comes from experience advertising and marketing specialists. We at ArmenoWeb are always looking for the next Google update or newest SEO tool to get an advantage over your competition. After we research and formulate a strategy,we’ll produce the list of the best keywords for your business. Then, we must begin optimizing the website pages and social media pages.

  • With industry leading analysis software, we’ll produce the list of keywords and key phrases for your industry.
  • A focused effort for each individual keyword from the list to be associated with each page of your site.
  • Will provide a detailed analysis report for how the list keywords are performing.

Keep in mind, to properly optimize your site for optimal impact, we must distinguish the best keywords specifically for every page of your website. This can be time consuming, with a little effort in the beginning, the results will have long-lasting effects. Once each page is specifically optimized for keywords we deem the most worthy, you will start noticing your company appearing on the 1st page of search results on those phrases desired the most. It’s a great feeling, but the work isn’t done.

Competitive Analysis

If you want to succeed online, just as in the real world, you must be aware of your competition and how they are doing. As you may already know, they are also contacting web design companies like ArmenoWeb to help them target specific keywords they feel will attract customers. Most of your competition will have links on other websites like online directories and industry networking sites. This means you should also have your website links on those directories. These inbound links are looked upon a positive in Google’s eyes, but only if your website is linked from websites relevant to your business. This is called Link Building and will be discussed in our custom quote.

  • We’ll apply advanced tools to identify keywords used by your leading competitors and their results.
  • We will also identify and analyze inbound links pointing to your competitors sites.

Creating Site-Wide META Tags

META tags displayed primarily for search engines, not so much for people to see. META tags include keywords about your site and a description. Search engines used to put a big importance on the use of Meta tags, without properly written META tags your chances of ranking well shrink considerably.

  • Evaluate each page for proper keywords.
  • Recommend modifications to key pages for inclusion of site-wide meta tags.

Website Optimization & Keyword Density Analysis

After identifying your website’s list of desired keywords and also conducting an SEO audit for each web page’s needs and what needs to be modified to attract results for those competitive keywords. After we complete page-specific optimizations, your positive search results should start to show around 6-8 weeks.

  • We will suggest to add new content to optimize in order to improve your overall positioning in search results.
  • Regularly monitor your website thru Google Webmaster Tools for the most accurate forecasts and formulate future strategy.

Web Directories & Search Engine Submission

We will submit each web page of your website to be indexed by the major search engines. Optional ways to attract Google’s attention is to create professionally written blog articles and “push” them out to article directories. In the articles we would add links back to your website and thus gain more residual traffic and brownie points from Google.

  • We will research and suggest free and paid directories to submit to Yahoo directories, Dmoz, Best of the Web, etc.
  • Manually submit to our approved list of sites (web directories as well as search engines).

Get Immediate Results with SEM

You can ensure immediate results with Pay Per Click online advertising instead of waiting for the time it takes to see the positive results from SEO (6-8 weeks). So we suggest you run PPC ads and utilize a weekly SEM budget to use in Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Following the initial work outlined above, as the search results begin to rise, we must continue adding new SEO written content, grow your social networks, run PPC ads, as well as the other items in the infographic above.  If done right, this method can also result in much lower PPC rates for those desired keywords, thus lowering your SEM cost-per-click by 50% or more. Bottom line, you’ll get more clicks for less money. See more about Search Engine Marketing.

Email Your Customers

We can utilize your current email subscribers to make them aware of the improvements of your company website and what to expect from your company. Not just a retail message, but more importantly just a way of nurturing your customers, without being pushy. Offer helpful information related to your products and services. This helpful information will leave a positive impression about you. And they will more likely open and click on future emails from you, as long as you keep the same pattern. So consider professional email marketing as an essential piece in your online marketing puzzle. Get more information about email marketing.

Get started with Search Engine Optimization!

Not sure how to calculate SEO costs? Let us help. See the online marketing pricing page which explains how to use our pricing calculator, and how to easily get a custom quote.


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