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Here are some well-known professional logo designs

The Coca Cola and Pepsi logos have existed for 100 years or more, they’re iconic and people recognize them all over the world, which is exactly what you need from your company logo. Because you have to make that first impression count.

Some of the world's most recognized logos

Some of the world’s most recognized logos

Prepare to take a Great Leap Forward.

A great logo design can do that for your brand. And since your logo design is usually the first communication a new customer will have with your brand, so why not have a professional design it? A professional logo design brings instant recognition to your brand.  A design process that ends with a great logo looks something like this:

  • Initial Meeting: The designer meets with client via phone or email to outline specific goals and desired elements.
  • Research: The designer will research the client, their competitors and the industry that they are part in.
  • Sketches & Concepts: The designer will draw some sketches and concepts for the logo. After narrowing down the concepts to the top 3, the designer will create them on the computer and add color and font styles.
  • Design Review: The 3 concepts are developed into something more polished and sent to the client to review.
  • Client Feedback: The 3 logo concepts are sent and reviewed. If there are change requests, the client would briefly describe them so the designer can revise them, usually within 2-3 days. They are shown again for client approval, and usually are ready for final touches.
  • Logo Design Complete: Once the client chooses the preferred logo design, the designer creates the high resolution versions and can apply them to business cards, stationery, website, on products, etc.
  • Time to Celebrate: Then the designer enjoys the nice rewarding feeling that comes with hard day of creative work.

How much does a logo cost?

This could be considered the most difficult question to answer, fairly. Your logo is the face of your company brand and is seen everywhere on websites, on your Facebook fan page, commercials, on your products, and so on and so on. And there are so many different types of logos, from branded logo to basic and inexpensive clip art logos.

I got a call the other day asking me “how much do you charge for a logo? Can you do it for $59?” I started to laugh. 

Then I explained why I was so entertained by his question. Being raised on branding in advertising agency world, the perspective was always clear. Most big company brands  already know how valuable their company logo is to the company brand. And so they protect their logo design by setting corporate logo guidelines, including proper application, and they guard against any deviation.  So it always amazed me when certain companies approached us with requests for logo design costs to be as cheap as possible. Instead, what they should be thinking about is “what kind of brand image am I my trying to achieve, a cheap brand?” So if that’s what you’re looking for, there are many sites on the web that will do a clipart logo for $59. But if you feel your company deserves more individual attention by a designer experienced in advertising and branding, look no further. 

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Why a Logo is So Important?

If you sign up on Twitter, or other social network, they give you the opportunity to add a personal profile image. If you do not, they will just put in a default image, like an egg on Twitter for example. These are known as avatars, and essentially act as a logo. And nobody wants to buy from a faceless or generic looking company.

Think of your logo as your CEO, top sales executive and employee of the month (every month).

That’s how important your logo is. Because a lot more than $59′s worth of effort and work goes into creating a logo that makes the right first impression, looks great and will stand the test of time. Don’t you agree?

Cheap Logo Design

Now if you still like the idea of doing a quick and easy logo, please consider the clipart logo design options out there. Just do a search for cheap logo designs. But if you’re serious about your company’s success, then have our professional designer work with you to create your brand logo design. You can try our pricing calculator to get started (top right).

Get Your Logo Design Estimate Now!

You can also see costs for print advertising, professional writing, photography, brochure design, package design, billboards. So to get an idea of what your logo design will cost, try our pricing calculator, fill in you name & email and click Send Request. Will contact you to confirm some details and answer any questions you may have.
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